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Masters level mental health counselor, barber/stylist who loves business & non-profits. Focused on Synchronicity, Serendipity of the Universe & those who wish to grow and contribute to the Greater Excellence of People & Planet Earth~!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"A Brand New Day"

Yes~!  Today is a brand new day; all day with every moment presented, gifted to us~!  The choice is ours; what to do with this 'brand new day'?  Shall we be quiet and to ourselves?  Shall we extend outwardly to others?  Shall we find productivity, whatever that may be in its interpretation FOR each and every one of us?  Shall we note the element of surprise?  Shall we find the past contributory to our present?  Will we seek and find growth?  Will we feel the perils and the positives of others' lives, coupled with those of our own lives?  Will we choose to 'just be'.....?

Moment by moment, we explore, as human creations, the Universe.  Embrace 'Your Universe'.  Open to Serendipity & Synchronicity and discover revelations and acceptance~!

Let your heart sings its song; all ways and always~!

PAHHS (Peace and Health & Happiness & Serendipity)
J.T. Bean